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Petzone is only offering dog training through our recommended partner DogDom. 

Benefits and Membership Entitlements 
As a member of the Dogdom Club, you will belong to an elite group of Dogs and their Guardians.  The Dogdom Club is a 
social club, for Dogs and their owners, which aims to enhance the communication and socialization of Dogs with their 
owners, other Humans, and other Dogs.  As a member of the Dogdom Club, you are entitled to the following benefits for 
the entire year.  As you are aware, your membership is planned for an entire year, yet your payment plan may be quarterly, 
or annually at a discounted rate.

The Benefits are as follows: 
1. An initial assessment session for your dog to identify any "bad" or unwanted behaviors they may have, or might develop. 
2. An initial instruction session for you in order to eliminate, reduce, or block unwanted behavior coming from your dog. 
3. A rank for your dog based on his socialization and behavioral level.  For Details of each level awarded, please read the "Dogdom Ranking" portion of this brochure.  This ranking and your dog  will be re-assessed at the end of each quarter and reviewed for advancement or emphasis. 
4. A weekly workshop under my personal supervision and instruction for you to visit any time between 5pm and 10 pm on Wednesdays. Please read the portion of this brochure titled "Rules for Pet zone's Dogdom Club Day" for details and rules of participation.
5. A weekly outing at our "Dogdom Beach" on Sundays under my close supervision and instruction.  Please read the portion of this brochure titled "Rules for Dogdom Beach Days" for details and rules of participation. 
6. 24-hour real-time support from Khalid Al-Qassem via telephone, or WhatsApp, with a possibility for emergency visits by 
KMQ to your home, if needed. 
7. Participation in 3rd Party events or Community programs for eligible dogs (Dogdom Citizens or higher)
8. A 10% discount on your first purchase of DogDom requirements/tools if the total of your purchase exceeds 50 K.D. 
During the course of the year, as we meet and get to know our dogs and ourselves better, we will plan and agree on 
various other programs and events.  It should be known that participation in any event by Dogdom is based on the dogs 
progress and social/behavioral skills.  I hope to see you in the club, and we commend you on your care for the well-being 
of your canine companion!

Khalid Al-Qassem, CBC-T, AAPBT, CASI
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