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Tropical Biorept L Tin, 140g

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Ingredients : vegetable protein extracts, derivatives of vegetable origin, cereals, algae, fruit, vegetables, yeasts, insects, oils and fats, minerals (including zeolite 1%) 

Analytical constituents
: crude protein 18.0%, crude oils and fats 3.0%, crude fibres 11.0%, moisture 10.0%.

Additives (per kg) : Vitamins, pro-vitamins and chemically well-defined substances having similar effect: vit. A 18 000 IU, vit. D3 1 200 IU, vit. E 100 mg, vit. C 295 mg. Compounds of trace elements: E1 (Fe) 26.0 mg, E6 (Zn) 7.0 mg, E5 (Mn) 5.5 mg, E4 (Cu) 1.3 mg, E2 (I) 0.16 mg, E8 (Se) 0.16 mg, E7 (Mo) 0.03 mg. Colourants. Antioxidants

Multi-ingredient sticks for everyday feeding of tortoises kept in terraria. Carefully selected natural ingredients, mainly of plant origin, meet all the dietary requirements of tortoises. The sticks are exceptionally palatable, hence eagerly eaten by the tortoises. Carefully selected vitamins and trace elements ensure proper shell and skeletal development and prevent other medical disorders.
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Additional Information

PriceKD 2.750